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Monday, April 17, 2006

Lyrics That Moved Me

"Again and Again"
And if you will,
I will try to let it go.
And if you try,
I'll try to let it show us the way.
'Cause love is here to stay
Just look me in the eye
This is do or die
And I will stay in love
'Till you say enough.
There is no giving in,
There is no giving up in love.
Oops she did it again is more like it, because I could've easily chosen every line from the song, but when in doubt go with the chorus, and that's what I'm going with here. Show me the way, Jewel. I'm not giving up on you or the power of love, and on that note, it's time for Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock to go snuggle with Mrs. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock.
It's hard to believe that fella on the
left needs a heart with Jewel around.


Anonymous The Jake said...

When I snuggle up to a hot tea and blanket on my front porch on a portland,or foggy morning... listening my jewel cd collection.. there is NO place like home, no place.

6:26 AM  
Blogger Marc said...

Is that Roger Daltrey on the left? Almost looks like "saturate" era Jackson Browne on the right, no?

8:39 PM  

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